Hej! Idag tänkte vi länka till en läsvärd och trevlig blogg: TTF tid till förfogande, som skrivs av Johan Sehlstedt. Han har där skrivit en artikel om premiären av Magnussons Urs nya 150års jubileumsklocka, som vi här på Svanberg & Werner tillverkar i samarbete med Fredrik Ottedag från Hollow industries.

Länken: TTF tid till förfogande

Good day watch lovers!

It has been a while since we last updated the blog, but interesting things has been going on here in the workshop.
Due to the celebration of the 150th anniversary of one of the most prominent watch boutiques in Sweden, we have made our very first watch!
When it comes to craftsmanship we can proudly say that there is a lot to this watch.
Just finishing the movement takes us several days.
The dial of the watch is 0.8 mm thick and made of 925 sterling silver, the hands are Swiss vintage blued steel of finest quality and the balance cock is hand engraved by  master engraver Jochen Benzinger in Germany.

Every part of this beautiful watch is made in Europe.
Case, dial, base movement have been made of highest quality and every tiny detail has been under our supervision before leaving the workshop since long lasting quality is very important to us.

That is all we can tell for now, but we promise to soon be back whith pictures of the  workmanship that goes in to making this watch. Until then we show some pictures of our first prototype.

 Gustav, Anton and Fredrik. 

Hi all! 
It has passed some time since we wrote anything new here. So I thought it would be perfect with an article of a very interesting man, Jochen Benzinger. 

Jochen Benzinger lives and works in Pforzheim Germany, an old watchmaking town where you can also find for example the watch brand Stowa and you can find dial and case makers. In the early 20th century there was a lot of movement makers active there, for example Durowe (Deutsche Uhren-Rohwerke) and Laco. Mr Benzinger is specialized in hand engraving, skeletonizing and hand guilloché (engine turning) with antique manual machines.

He has his own brand of watches (Benzinger) and he also works together with the watchmaker Grieb, they have a company called Grieb & Benzinger,  they make very high end watches (unique pieces) usually based on antique Patek Phillip movements, with for example advanced chronograph and minute repeating mechanisms. 

Benzinger also works for big brands like Glashütte original, IWC and Fabergè.

I'll show some pictures that I took during our visit.
Benzinger Workshop
Finally here after a long trip! 

Benzinger watches
A wall of watches is meeting us while we walk in to the workshop.

Jochen Benzinger watches
Some more! With the amazing IWC tourbillon watch in the middle, skeletonized, engraved and engine turned by Benzinger. Amazing how many watches he has made.

Benzinger fabergé

Glashütte original Benzinger
Glashütte Original Tourbillon. Engine turned dial.

Benzinger workshop machines
Finally at place in the workshop, lots of fine old machines. Here Anton and Fredrik is talking about watches with Mr Benzinger, while waiting for the coffee :)

Benzinger engine turning
No less than five engine turning machines, each one adjusted for its specific task. It's an art just to use them, one needs to apply exactly the right pressure and use precision in every move. Doing one fault will ruin the result.

Benzinger discussion
Deep discussions about design and technical subjects. Mr Benzinger is a very humble and nice person to talk to, and a real enthusiast.

Benzinger Regulateur
Benzinger Regulateur Black dial. Engine turned chapter rings and wave patterns on the bottom.

Benzinger regulateur white
Benzinger Regulateur white dial. This is our favorite dial of Mr Benzingers current watches.
Engine turned silver dial with genuine Breguet frosted finishing. 

Benzinger skeleton watch
Benzinger skeleton watch with a lot of engine turned parts! Even this skeleton dial is engine turned and frosted in classical Breguet style.

Benzinger watch movement
The back of his skeleton watch, just as beautiful as the front! The watch cases are also made in Pforzheim and are of very high quality.

We want to end this article with a video showing the artists at work with one of their nicest creations, The Blue Danube. Here you can see the work in progress and the skill that is needed for making such pieces.  

See you next time!