Hej! Idag tänkte vi länka till en läsvärd och trevlig blogg: TTF tid till förfogande, som skrivs av Johan Sehlstedt. Han har där skrivit en artikel om premiären av Magnussons Urs nya 150års jubileumsklocka, som vi här på Svanberg & Werner tillverkar i samarbete med Fredrik Ottedag från Hollow industries.

Länken: TTF tid till förfogande

Good day watch lovers!

It has been a while since we last updated the blog, but interesting things has been going on here in the workshop.
Due to the celebration of the 150th anniversary of one of the most prominent watch boutiques in Sweden, we have made our very first watch!
When it comes to craftsmanship we can proudly say that there is a lot to this watch.
Just finishing the movement takes us several days.
The dial of the watch is 0.8 mm thick and made of 925 sterling silver, the hands are Swiss vintage blued steel of finest quality and the balance cock is hand engraved by  master engraver Jochen Benzinger in Germany.

Every part of this beautiful watch is made in Europe.
Case, dial, base movement have been made of highest quality and every tiny detail has been under our supervision before leaving the workshop since long lasting quality is very important to us.

That is all we can tell for now, but we promise to soon be back whith pictures of the  workmanship that goes in to making this watch. Until then we show some pictures of our first prototype.

 Gustav, Anton and Fredrik. 

In my last year at the Swedish wostep certified watchmaking school I spent one of the training periods at Lang & Heyne the independent watchmaker based in Dresden near Glashütte, Germany. 

Lang & Heyne are specialized in making small series of high end watches with typical German handcraft and tradition stemming back from the 19th century. inspired by the classic Lange & Söhne and similar pocket watches. 

It was a great experience to spend time with them and I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to learn from such masters of watchmaking. 
Mr Marco Lang, one of the two founders of the brand, was very humble and helpful during my time there and I was given the chance to learn about the whole process of making the watches. From the creative process in computerized CAD-programs to the production of the raw parts and the finishing. It's not an easy thing to get the finishing right and the Germans were very strict, so only perfect is ok. I  can tell you that I got a little frustrated more than one time in the process. But without training you will never reach a perfect result in the end and I am the type that will continue training until I get it flawless. First I will show some pictures of the parts I did the finishing on and after that I will show some of the extraordinary watches they make at Lang & Heyne.

Here are the screws that I had to finish. There were 30 of them at the beginning and not everyone was usable in the end I can tell. ;) I did the bevelling on the outer edges, bevells on the slot. Polished the thread, head, and the tip of the screw. 

Bevelling in the lathe. The important thing here is to make sure that the edge is perfectly uniform, otherwise the polished part of the head will not be perfectly circular. 

crown wheel
Polishing the crown wheel. Here a special polishing paste is used and the metal piece on the right is turned in the opposite direction to the wheel to get the special "solar finishing". Often used in German watchmaking.  

pallet bridge
Here is the pallet bridge. First sandblasting, after that it had to be polished with a German silver brush and in the next step I made the special Lang & Heyne silvering procedure. I had to do bevelling on all edges and holes, even the ones that was not visible. In the end it was gold plated and fitted with a jewel in a gold chaton and with the blue  screws of the type I did before.  

pallet bridge silvering
The silvering process. It was made with a bristle brush and a mixture of salt and silver powder. The silver is rubbed in to the piece to make the frosted finishing really shine. 

pallet bridges

Here is the adjuster fitted into soft wood prepared for polishing the inner bevel.

Polishing the inner bevel of the adjuster.

Almost finished.

swan neck before after polishing
Swan neck fine adjuster before and after finishing.

swan neck adjuster
To do the polishing a tin plate is used, with different polishing paste on it. From coarse to very fine.

polished swan neck

swan neck black polished
Black polished.

A piece of soft wood to hold it with while polishing. 

click spring polished

click spring black polished
Swan neck and click spring, black polished.

click spring black polished

Now I will show you some of the watches and movements.
L & H Moritz Von Sachsen
The Model Moritz Von Sachsen.  This watch has the following complications:
Day of the week
Day-/night indication
Declination Angle, if you wonder what it is, check this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declination

Caliber III
Hand engraved and frosted bridges, screwed gold chatons.  

Albert Von Sachsen
Albert Von Sachsen. One of the nicest choronographs made today (IMO) single pusher, handmade hands, enamel dial. Beautifull movement.

Caliber IV
Caliber IV chronograph movement. 

Caliber V
Caliber V with one second remontoir mechanism (constant force).

Skruvarna får ett eget kapitel, då det går så mycket arbete i att finishera upp skruvarna till toppklass. Detta är en av de viktigaste sakerna att titta efter om man vill se kvaliteten i ett handfinisherat urverk.  
screw finishing
För att göra fasetter i skruvspåret så håller man skruven i en korntång och drar den upprepade gånger på en speciell sten. Detta är en av de svåraste delarna att få till bra (om man vill ha fasetter som är helt raka och det vill man ) det blir väldigt lätt sneda fasetter. 

High end finished screw
Skruvens topp måste poleras även den och gängan likaså.  

thread polishing
Polering av gänga.


Fasetter på utsidan, fasetter på spåret och black polished på ovansidan. Genom att fästa skruven i en trefot och polera i flera steg med olika polerpastor på en tennplatta så får man fram en perfekt polerad yta som i vissa vinklar ser helt svart ut, det svåra är att inte polera för mycket eller snett, då blir automatiskt fasetterna sneda eller för små och då är det bara att kasta skruven och börja om. Tålamod är ordet!  

screw tweezer
Fasettering av skruvspår.